Pricing a Home Baked Cake

Not all cakes you bake at home may be for eating at home. Some cakes you make may be for family or friends in which case you may just charge them for the ingredients you used, if you make them any charge at all. Other cakes you make though may be for people that have asked you to bake them and therefore you want to charge them for the cake and in these instances you are sometimes at a loss as to what you should be charging in order to be fair to that person but also fair to yourself.

Obviously, in these situations you want to be sure that none of the cost to make the cake comes out of your own pocket and so you must carefully itemize each expense you incur. Having itemized your costs, you can either then seek cake pricing details on the internet or try and work out all the different aspects involved in calculating a fair price yourself. If you decide to do it on your own without assistance, as well as knowing the price of all the ingredients, you will have to also work out a per hour cost of using the oven. Once you have combined these two costs, you will then have to allow for any overheads that you may have missed or were unable to calculate a fair price for and so, in order to allow for these overheads, it is usual that you would add a percentage to the costs figure. Overheads may include but are not limited to the cost or time involved buying the initial ingredients or for the cleaning products used to clear up after the baking is finished.

As well as ensuring that you make an adequate charge for everything, you must then add on whatever charges you want for your labour. It is the labour aspect that will equate to your profit and so bear that in mind when you decide on what hourly fee you will charge. If you do not have even a clue as to what you could fairly charge, consider what at an employee at the local bakery will expect to be paid for every hour that they work. You though are the specialist and so you should perhaps be charging more than that per hour.

On top of the charge for costs and the charge for your labour, id the cake is to be delivered somewhere, you should also know what or how much to charge for delivery. When doing this, you should remember that the delivery charge does not just have to cover the cost of the fuel used, it also has to compensate you for the time it takes to deliver the cake to where it should be taken. Most people charge this on a mileage basis, charging so much per mile.

Whilst store bought cakes can be considerably cheaper than yours, if your customer had wanted a store cake, they would have bought one and not bothered you in the first place.

Get The Help Of A Chef

If you don’t have the inclination to cook or have the knowledge about food preparation, you could choose to hire a professional cook to aid you in coming up with nutritious and delicious foods. You don’t have to spend time undergoing educational courses that could teach you how to cook just so you could eat right. Now, you can hire a professional chef so you can sit back, relax and just wait for good meals to be served onto your plates. Even though it is true that you would have to spend money when you employ one, you really should if you’re conscious about your health because a chef isn’t only skilled in cooking but is also knowledgeable about nutrition and dieting. They are also well-versed when it comes to the components of individual ingredients. It means they know the caloric content of fruits, vegetables and even meat products plus fatty foods. Moreover, a culinary artist also knows how to handle different types of cooking utensils and appliances in order to come up with creatively delicious main courses and sweet treats. That’s why you should definitely hire personal chef if you need someone whom you can rely on when it comes to food.

Before hiring one, however, you should try to look for a list of qualified, skilled and experienced chefs first. That’s because there are a lot of people who know how to cook and some of them aren’t the experts that you’re looking for. For your convenience, you could browse the worldwide web and then look for a cook sites that have reviews for a number of culinary artists. When you visit a review site, you would not only be able to see the qualities of different chefs but also compare easily.

So which chef should you hire? If you could, you should get the assistance of someone who’s had experience in cooking for a restaurant or someone who has done cooking for clients. Aside from that, you should only hire a person who can prove that he or she has undergone formal schooling in cooking. If there’s a chef that does the cooking with his or her own tools, you should consider hiring him or her because it can be quite expensive to personally invest in cooking equipment. Take note that special refrigerators and other cooking appliances cost hundreds of dollars.

If you do employ one, what other benefits could you get? That’s simple. Of course, since you won’t be doing the cooking, you would get the privilege of being spared from the risks related to food preparation. To be exact, when you have someone cook breakfast, lung or dinner for you, you would not have to do hard labor and be exposed to open flames or hot objects. Also, since an expert would be the one to prepare food for you, you could also have more time for yourself and be able to expect that you would get great food on the table. You could impress people and boost your reputation when you hire one too.


Preparing food as fresh as possible is a big plus, not preparing food as warm as possible, it’s less than what you know. You see, the nutritional values and properties of the ingredients that you bring into the kitchen is 100% there. And the moment you start washing it, you start the process of degrading the ingredient’s nutritional value and properties.

I know that it’s safer that way and we intend to keep it just like that. Let’s skip the note. Too much boil can cause degradation too. the vitamins are released into the air as steam or being released into the soup. Proper procedure when cooking veggie soups is that you keep them half boiled and always cover the lid to prevent the warm steam from escaping. This can also keep the flavors inside the container. For more information about this article, you can watch the video below for more details. Enjoy watching!